Photo Shoots in Ohio

I don't think this Orange outfit fits anymore! :-( Then again, it's 50 degrees here in Seattle so maybe its just won't fit by the time "summer" hits here.

In her Mother's Day outfit


We were finally going to get a "real" photo shoot by our friend Victoria. She can actually take good pictures instead of one off camera photos.  But, Maya decided that the hours between 6 and 8 PM was dedicated "throw a monsterous fit" time. That is when we tried to do our photo shoots.  We feel lucky that we even got these photos.


Thank goodness she seems to be over all that nonesense.

More scenes from Ohio: The Aunt Rosie Files

Aunt Rosie couldn't resist capturing some moments with Maya while we were back in Toledo. This post is dedicated to her and all her pics. Thanks Aunt Rosie! (I can't believe how much bigger and different she looks now, just 3 weeks later! more posts to come soon)

It was very warm in Ohio... needed some rest time on the cool mat. In her green finest.

And in Orange...

In white.

Then there were just some general good times with the rest of the family.

Ohio Trip: The second half - East Side Pride

Maya and Grandma! After brunch with Mommy's family on Mother's Day, we drove to Toledo to introduce Maya to Daddy's side of the family! She got to hang with Grandma.

The official "baby of the family" torch was passed down from Prima Maria in person.

Before dinner, Maya caught a quick nap. Now this is a real oddity for the little one. She really doesn't nap during the day much but it was a big day (week) for the little one!

We had Mother's day dinner with everyone and Maya got to hang with all her Tias y Tios. Tia Linda and Grandma got to enjoy some tasty beveridges too!

Maya got to visit the house Daddy grew up in!

She got some quality time with Aunt Rosie and Uncle John

A quick visit with Great Aunt Mary Rose. Look! Only a few letters off Maya Rose!

And we had to capture a few "only in Ohio" pics. Seattle, folk, pay attention. It is ok to have a child in a bar / restaurant. It doesn't have to be against the law. She didn't steal any sips. It's ok.

It was such a great trip but it was tiring, especially for the little one. Luckily we got to have some down time while Maya experienced her first hotel stay. I love this picture of May and Mommy.

But the highlight of the trip was visiting Grandpa. Grandpa would have loved you so much you would have loved him. Don't worry Maya, you'll get to know him. We'll tell you so many stories and his spirit will live on through you. We miss you very much Grandpa.

It was such a good time. Thanks Family and friends in Toledo. I wish we would have had the chance to see more of you but I've said it before. Seattle is a great place to visit in the summer. hint, hint. Until then...!

First day of "school"

Dear Maya,

It's hard to believe that Mommy has been out of work for nearly 12 weeks already since your original due date. You know what that means don't you? Daycare.

I remember the first day I went back to work after you were born and Grandma already went back to Ohio. It was just you and Mommy. Alone. All. Day. Long. By the time I got home you both were in tears and I think Mommy's exact words were: "I don't know if I can do this for 10 more weeks." I'm afraid I wasn't much help as we were both in that new parent haze.

But we blinked twice and boom. 10.5 weeks passed and yesterday was your first day at daycare. We almost didn't take you today because it was too hard for us. But we suppose a gagillion other parents do this every day. So yesterday started early with getting you dressed.

You horsed around with your beloved Mr. Bunny for a bit.

We did some last minute packing and labeling your lunch.

But finally you were ready to go!

Stella passed you a look of victory as she patiently waited for you to leave. (She's just jealous)

It was a stereotypical Seattle morning; Wet, rainy and a little chilly. Perfect weather for Mr. Snail to make an appearance.

Hopefully by the time you are reading this the great gas crisis is over and you're able to navigate this earth and cosmos by mind power.(or at least something more efficient) Just know this. $65 bucks to fill us up was ludicrous in our time.

The commute was long and the weather set the tone for us.

But a little while later we arrived!

Look how little you were compared to the other kids! You'll only be the youngest for a few weeks. A 9 week old friend will join you soon.

*The faces and names of the children have been modified to protect their innocence and privacy.

"Sam" was happy to see you and immediately held your hand in solidarity against tummy time.

Later he rested his head by you to make you feel better.

That didn't help too much because as we left you were screaming your behind off. Don't worry it wasn't anything to do with the teachers, kids or the place. It was food time. At this stage in your life you always scream at food time. It's ok. Daddy pretty much does the same thing.

We like your daycare a lot and yesterday just reinforced our good decision in sending you there. Mommy dropped Daddy off downtown and I walked to work. I think the mixture of the optimism I felt yesterday combined with this ginormous milestone led me to see the city in a brand new light. Despite the bad weather and the traffic, the city is beautiful sometimes.

FINALLY it was time to pick you up! (You were one tired little camper)

You received a perfect scorecard and the teachers said you did great your first day! Mommy was so happy to pick you up and you were the happiest little camper we've seen out of you. After a quick nap and a ride home you smiled, laughed and just played with us all night.  Well.. most of the night.

I wish I could say that was the end to a great day. But we had an evening errand to run that day.

Yup. That's right. It was blood draw day. Uh-oh.

Of course you were the most perfect, brave, strong little angel there could be. You got your little shot and blood drawn without one little cry. We were so proud of you today. If you could have eaten it we would have taken you for an ice cream treat reward. You were so good in fact that the staff at Seattle's Childrens gave you not one, but TWO toys for your good behavior.

And apparently you like chicken.

Well that's that; another milestone in the books. Let's hope you like "real school" as much as you liked it yesterday. Don't grow up too fast kid.

Nanu, Nanu,



Ohio Trip: The first half

Maya had a blast in Ohio visiting all family and friends. Her first few days were just hanging with Mommy, Grandma Gibson and the Lawrence family and friends, sans Daddy. She had a little trouble adjusting to the heat but luckily Grandma and everyone made her feel right at home. Thought you saw pink overload before? Check out Maya's room at Grandma's. It's blinding me.

She got to hang with dogs her own size.

Check out Grandma's Koi Pond. (We are a little worried she acts a lot like Stella. Stella loved to stare at the fish in that pond. For those of you that don't know Stella; Stella crazy. Maya also adopted another "Stella-ism" and loved watching the reflective light from Grandma's crystals.)

Play time with Grandma

Hanging in the yard with cousin Lyssa and friends.

Got to see the basket...

On the way to the "Corn Palace" 

Drive a golf gart

Check out a little "texas" in the middle of Corn's backyard

Play a little pool

Crash out with Grandma on the outside daybed.

And finally got to enjoy a great Mother's day brunch with the family before heading out to Toledo and part two of the trip. (soon to come)

Thanks Grandma and everyone in Columbus, Granville and Newark! Maya had a blast and loves you all very much. Sorry we didn't get a chance to see everyone but we'll be back... or... Seattle is starting to boast some beautiful weather now. You should come visit Maya out west!

The Good Little Traveler: Coming Home

Yesterday was a long day for little Miss Maya. It started with getting up early and heading out to Detroit Metro Airport to catch our flight.

Hanging out with Daddy while waiting for the plane to take-off.

After a light meal, catching a few Zzz's after take-off. (notice the outfit change. The engine starting wasn't the only explosion on that flight)

Woke up after about an hour an a half in the air and grabbed a quick undercover lunch with Mommy.

Watched a little tube with Mommy.

Played for a bit in my very own airplane seat.

Caught another nap with about 1 hour left in flight. Ahh.. peaceful sleep.

Didn't wine once during the entire 4.5 hour flight! In fact, slept through the landing and even while waiting for Daddy to get all the luggage.

Even slept through the shuttle / parking / flat tire fiasco Mommy and Daddy had to go through

Finally arrived back home to the comfortable crib and mobile friends!

You'd think that be enough to fit in for one day for a little one.  Unfortunately no and poor Maya had to pack it up again and head to the Dr. for her two month check-up.  You know what two-month check-up means? Vaccinations.  Poor baby.

Good news is she passed check-up with flying colors.

Weight: 12 pounds and 12.5 ounces

Height: over 2 feet tall!