So Mai, 

Today was you first Halloween. It was a toss-up on what you should be. Mommy rejected Daddy's original suggestion that we all go as a zombie family and you perfect the cutest, little scary baby zombie. So....

First things first. Get a good backup costume. If we can't find one that satisfies our artistic needs, lets do something simple and cute. Punkin.

What can we do that fits who you are today. I know! You scream like a banshee sometimes and the pitch you get is crazy high. In fact we like to say you sound like you're just about to break into "Lovin' You" by Minnie Riperton. "La,la,la, la..."

Ladies and Gentleman, let me introduce: "Mini, Minnie Riperton"

Wait. We need the bib overalls don't we.

Ok so not quite but you get the picture. Overall you weren't extremely happy with the wig but you left it on the entire time at Daddy's work party. You were a pretty big hit although we had to ditch the mini, Minnie Riperton theme and just go with mini-daddy... because that is what everyone thought you looked like.

Happy Halloween Mai Tai!

Love Daddy.

New Tricks, New Challenges

So, so, so Miss Maya,

Now that you mastered the art of sitting, you are keen to discover that you can sit up on your own too. Lovely.

We had a fairly major milestone last week. It was Wednesday, October 17, 2012. 7 Months and two days old. I was working late that night for a major release when I received the following text message from your dear Mother.

Yup. That's you. Sitting up all by your little self. In your crib. It's nighty time. You should have been sleeping.

So mommy contiues to spy on you with our baby surveillance system because you weren't fussing (read screaming) yet... wondering what is your next move. Then I get this text.

Shoot. Well that changes the ball game doesn't it? I was half expecting you on the floor in the next message with your face painted half blue and half white yalping a baby "FREEDOM!"

Luckily that is as far as you got. 

You didn't quite stand on your own from what I hear but you were close. It's been about 1 week since that event and since then you are trying all kinds of new things. Refusing to sit down because you want to stand; Trying to stand up on anything; You aren't really "crawling" per se but you get around. If you have your freedom and your eye one something you can travel across the room to get it. Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately) you are easily distracted.

Trouble. Maya spells Trouble.

We also have a first we didn't manage to capture on film believe it or not. (and we aren't that saddistic) You discovered your toy basket (don't get too excited, the dogs have a toy basket too) and were trying your best to take every toy out of it and stand up with it. Well, as you well learned, the more stuff you take out of said basket the less it weighs. The less it weighs the more it moves when applying pressure.

It happened in an instant.

"Oh look she's trying to stand with her toy basket. Slide. Boom. Cry."

Face first into the corner of the basket.

You were a trooper though. It was only a brief cry that you were easily distracted from with a shiney new toy. Then we noticed you gave yourselft a little bloody nose. It was so pitiful. I guess its time for mommy and daddy to get ready for bruised baby phase. (and probably a little better reaction time)

You are sure on a roll this week.

Because you apparently think you're all cool now that  you can sit up on your own,  you haven't slept through the night a few times this week. You've slept through the night just about every night since you were 2 months old! 

Let's hope this is just a phase and we can all be little fonzies again soon.

Dispite the new challanges and a few sleepless nights its a blast watching you grow. Can't wait to see what this week brings!

Love, Daddy.

The Foz Days of Summer 2012

Dear Mai,

Today we lost our good boy Foster. He made it until he was 11 years old which is pretty good for a dog his size. At least he got to meet you and to be honest it is probably for the best. We used to call him "Keeper fo the fun" because... well. He hated for any dog or kid to have fun around him. You are right around the corner from being mobile at this point. Mobile fearless baby + Keeper of the Fun was probably not a good combination.

Either way you were starting to love him. You loved to watch him and it cracked you up everytime barked at stuff.

We'd like to think he had a good life with us. Mommy had a good call yesterday and suggested the whole family go to the water and the woods. One of his favorite things to do was to wander down trails in the woods, off leash and  then run back to us. He never liked being to far fromhis family. We used to get in trouble when we'd let him do that at some parks in Ohio. Here in Washington they're a little more laid back about dogs off leashes so he got to explore many parks here. Yesterday he seemed to have a blast and forget the fact that he was sick. It was a good day. You enjoyed the nature hike too.

At any rate, this post is for you Foz. We loved you very much and you will be missed. Bye Foz Bear.


Milestones: Learning to sit

Dear Maya,

One of the reasons I started this blog was to capture milestones. Its pretty insane how parents get talking about "when did your baby do this?" or "is she crawling/walking/talking/doing long division yet?" I have to be honest, less than a year ago I thought all "those people" who talked about stuff like that were from a differnt planet. As Uncle Shawnie likes to say: "It's your world, I'm just passing through." Once you came along all that went out the window. Defenestrated, if you will.

We aren't just talking about that kind of stuff now. We're selling it on the street corner.

Anywho, before I get too sidetracked. You are sitting on your own now. You have been for some time. It's almost a ho-hum deal now. But still, it was a journey getting here. It's time I captured that journey to the best of my memory.

So right when you were about 3.5 months old, Grandma told Mommy that Maya was going to be in Lyssa's wedding. You were going to ride in this awesome tricked out wagon and your cousin Hannah was going to pull you along.

Aw. How cute.

(panic strikes Mommy and Daddy)

How is Maya going to be ok sitting in a wagon without our help in just over 2 months?

Cue Rocky training montage. It's time to work those baby abs and learn to sit.

June 29, 2012. (2 months & 2 days before operation wedding wagon)

You seem like a natural from the start. Head is stable. (for the most part) There is a little trepidation but you seem ok if we have your back.

July 1, 2012. (2 months 'til go time)

With a little help from your pillow friends your doing good.

July 10, 2012 (2 months. 3/12 weeks way.)

Hold on crabby pants!

July 12, 2012 (tick. tick. tick)

Balance. It's a tricky thing.

July 15, 2012 (W. T. H.)

July 19, 2012 (The whels come off. The. Bus)

July 22, 2012 (Just under six weeks until wagon time)

"Training wheels" time. You do fine in that bumbo contraption!

July 25, 2012) (still doing good with props)

August 4, 2012 

Getting better everyday!

August 5, 2012. (less than 1 month until the wagon drops)

You got this kiddo! Just add some confidence!

August 26, 2012 (6 days from d time)

We are so impressed, proud and genuinely happy with your progress. We even have enough confidence to put you in a cart for the first time without your baby seat. GOOO IKEA!

August 29, 2012 (2 days. 1 day before our flight leaves. Operation wagon is commencing)

See how good you are doing? Not only can you sit and support yourself but you can play with toys while sitting. Our little multi-tasker. :-)

8/30 - 9/5 (The wedding visit)

The wedding and entire Ohio trip was a blast. You did great in your special little wagon!

September 12, 2012 (circletime)

So everyday at your new day care, the older students and a teacher participate in circle time. They sing songs, laugh and learn. These are pix from the first time you sat in on circletime all by yourself. They said you were the youngest baby to ever sit in on circle time solo. Little overacheiver. 

September 18, 2012

Now you're just showing off. "I can pick up two blocks, one with each hand and put them both in my mouth at the same time! Oh yeah, I'm sitting too suckas!"

September 28, 2012

Sitting by yourself? Oh, that was so 1 month ago. This is a piece of cake! You want to see something impressive? Watch me stand! 

But that is a different story...


Love Daddy