Photo shoot: The boy guitar outfit

What?!?! No Pink?!?! What is this world coming too? We're so not used to seeing her in anything but pink we thought she looked like a little boy! Poor girl, we even called her "he" a few times this morning.

Mama got some big smiles, laughs and even a reach this morning!

Aren't those shoe feet ridiculous?

One month milestones: Personality

I know, I know, every parent goes through this but wow... it is amazing seeing a little personality develop in just 4 weeks of life on this planet. Sure she has some of the basics down; She can hold her head up (at least for a few moments at a time before it all goes to hell... we get it. It's like balancing an orange on a toothpick afterall.) and she is starting to coo. But it's more than that. We are starting to see her little personality develop. We're starting to figure each other out and how to make this whole thing work together. It's weird. For the first few weeks you could tell how foreign life outside the womb was. She was uncomfortable, awkward and we spent most of our time trying to re-create an environment similar to the womb so she would be cool with it all. She seems comfortable already in this life. We aren't swaddling anymore because it pisses her off to have her arms pinned down. Music is starting to replace the white noise. She is starting to fall asleep on her own. Instead of putting her in her crib already sleeping there have been a few times we put her in when she was just drowsy. Put a little Dead Can Dance, Sigur Ros or Procol Harum in the mix and boom, sleeping baby. Ok, that is definitely not the norm and we've had some really, really long nights recently but still.. it's happening.

What is really getting us is her responsiveness. She has been aware and attentive since minute one of her life on this planet but now she is smiling and reacting to us like crazy. She'll watch this video of Mama's favorite song over and over again. As soon as she hears the opening organ riff, she'll strain her head around to check it out.

It's so damn cute it is sickening. She used to only smile right before falling asleep. You could tell it was only from the involuntary muscle movements.

Now it is obvious she loves her Mama. :-)

Tickle, tickle, tickle!


..and boom. Baby laughter. 

We haven't been able to actually capture the laugh on video yet. Wait for it. We will. Seeing a 4 week old's body crumble and quake from a belly laugh should be on everyone's bucket list. It's got to be the most ridiculous thing ever.

Photo shoot: Trying to capture the illusive newborn smile

Yes we know that infant smiles don't say much but they are just so damn cute.  Mama tried to force a smile out of Miss Maya the other day. Here is the fruit of those efforts.

"Ok, i'm kinda sleepy you want me to do what now?"

"Daddy, is she serious?"


"Fine then. Let me work one up for you."

"You ready Mama? I'm 'bout to get all serious and lay down some smiles up in here." This is not a smile. Amy wants to threaten to show this to Maya's boyfriends when she gets older. Since Maya will never date I figure what's the harm in posting it publically?  Ok, that will have to do... for now.