Bath time

It is amazing how incredibly dirty a 3 month old baby can get. Just simply amazing. Luckily Mama loves baby bath time. Plus it provides some prime photo shoot moments.

Maybe a little apprehensive...

You've always loved getting your "hair" washed. Even on the first day of your life at the hospital.

Guess we better style that "hair" too.
Look at the fresh smelling cute as pie baby! Hurry up Mama! You aren't really crying here. It's more of a complaining type noise. Great. You have you're mother's patience.
Better get a quick tempurature check in!
The puppies are not amused by being left out of all this activity. But just look at the cuteness overload! Sheesh.

Photo Shoots in Ohio

I don't think this Orange outfit fits anymore! :-( Then again, it's 50 degrees here in Seattle so maybe its just won't fit by the time "summer" hits here.

In her Mother's Day outfit


We were finally going to get a "real" photo shoot by our friend Victoria. She can actually take good pictures instead of one off camera photos.  But, Maya decided that the hours between 6 and 8 PM was dedicated "throw a monsterous fit" time. That is when we tried to do our photo shoots.  We feel lucky that we even got these photos.


Thank goodness she seems to be over all that nonesense.

Photo shoot: The boy guitar outfit

What?!?! No Pink?!?! What is this world coming too? We're so not used to seeing her in anything but pink we thought she looked like a little boy! Poor girl, we even called her "he" a few times this morning.

Mama got some big smiles, laughs and even a reach this morning!

Aren't those shoe feet ridiculous?

Photo shoot: Harvard and mobiles. Growing up big.

Maya had a check-up this week and she is growing like mad. Weighing in at 10 lbs, 9 oz and almost 2 feet tall already! She's getting so big! Her TSH levels were significantly down as well! Yea Maya!

Daddy affectionately refers to her as "Maya the Hut." (Seriously, that is a lot of chin for a 5 week old baby)

Here she is modeling her Harvard gear. (Accompanied by Mr. Bunny)

"Hey! What the hell are those things dancing around my crib?" 

Of course just like any Harvard bound brat, fits must be thrown.