Photo shoot: The Easter Dress

Dispite having that first time Parent crazy going on, Mama and Dada had Easter Brunch plans with the Muses and the Shraders. Maya wanted to go all out in her Easter dress. We managed to make her thoughourly angry by taking countless photos of her. In fact as part of her protest she decided to have a little blowout accident activity... all over said dress. That didn't discourage the Mommy though. Dress washed by hand and 20 minutes later we were off for an awesome brunch.  Tons of food, great people. It was awesome. We would have captured photos of the actual event but like I said Mama and Dada were a little crazed. All better now and that story will server better in a future post. Until then, Happy Easter from Maya!

Gratuitously cute pics round two

The range autofan: invented to calm babies

Maya and Daddy nappin

Maya weighed in at 8 lbs 9 oz by her 2nd week on the planet! It looks like it went to her head. ;) Maya and her fist of fury

Mama loves to mess with the Maya


Big Bed. Little Baby.
Maya likes to smile in her sleep. :)

Photo shoot: Trying to capture the illusive newborn smile

Yes we know that infant smiles don't say much but they are just so damn cute.  Mama tried to force a smile out of Miss Maya the other day. Here is the fruit of those efforts.

"Ok, i'm kinda sleepy you want me to do what now?"

"Daddy, is she serious?"


"Fine then. Let me work one up for you."

"You ready Mama? I'm 'bout to get all serious and lay down some smiles up in here." This is not a smile. Amy wants to threaten to show this to Maya's boyfriends when she gets older. Since Maya will never date I figure what's the harm in posting it publically?  Ok, that will have to do... for now.

Gratuitously cute pics: Maya's first week

Mad Baby



"Whatchu talking bout willis?"

Fozzie checking in on his sleeping girls

"West SIYED, YO!"

Is an outfit like this really necessary? She looks like a midget abominable snowman that rolled in some cotton candy

Isn't she pretty. Pretty. In. Pink Ok the pink is getting ridiculous. She looks like some awful pink rapper.

Dogs and Maya on her crazy cute chair from Grandma

I had to slide a picture of goose in there. She's still pretty frickin cute. :-)