Flower girl Mai Tai

So the focal point of heading back to Ohio last week was for your cousin, Alyssa's wedding. Alyssa, Courtney and Aunt Linda were so excited to see you they stayed up all night waiting for you and made some welcome signs! (I think a little booze added to the"creativity" but it was very sweet)

I think your Grandma was just as excited for the wedding as she was to see you in some of the wonderful outfits she bought for you. You looked so precious getting ready for the big day.

You got to meet your cousin Hannah and she was baffled why you couldn't walk on your own yet. She decided to take matters into her own hands and coax you along. I believe here words were, and I quote: (as she opened her arms to you) "Come here buddy! (smack, smack.. the sound you would make to get a dog's attention) Come here!"

We even got a great family photo! 

So this was also your first experience with the hot summer heat in Ohio. This is pretty much what you thought of that.

That's ok, air conditioning was close by as we took shelter with Nathan the Groom.

As the ceremony began, you did your part perfect. Grammy made you this wonderful wagon and cousin Hannah practiced pulling you. You were probably the two best, cutest flower girls to ever be in a wedding. Ever.

You cousin Alyssa looked absolutely gorgeous as she made the grand entrance via airplane with her Father. (Uncle Rick) The ceremony and everything was perfect.

You had 3 outfit changes during the day. We missed photos of your second pink outfit. It's ok. It's hard keeping things clean when your a baby. Heck, it's hard for Daddy to keep things clean as an adult. It must be genetic. But all that is a big day for a little girl. Luckily you can doze off and catch some zzz's just about anywhere.

What also might be genetic is not wanting the party to ever end. You woke up and had your second wind and got to party with Mama and Uncle Gary (Big G) for a bit. He sure is tall isn't he!

Weddings can be a lot of fun and this one was a blast. Probably almost as fun as Mommy and Daddy's. Almost. ;-) 

With that said, Mommy and I were trying to teach you your first word while we were back in Ohio:


"Can you use it in a sentance?"

"Maya might choose to elope when she gets married. Elope."