Auspicious Moon Rising

It's May 6th, 2012. Less than 5 hours before Maya boards her first Boeing 737 in route for Ohio. I snapped this shot as we got home from our last minute grocery run (to make sure Mommy has plane snacks too) at 9:30 PM.  It's from our porch. I know, just about everyone saw the crazy big moon tonight but from this angle it was crazy cool rising above the red neon cross of the nearby church. It's moments like this that make me wish I had a better camera. (and I could actually take decent photos)

Now at 2:21 AM while I wait and make sure Maya falls back to sleep after her last feeding, she hit another milestone: rolling over to her stomach. Not once but 3 times I put her on her back, boom, right back on her stomach. Silly girl.

Be good to your Mama on the plane sweetheart. I'll meet back up with you soon. -- Love, Daddy.

Ch...Ch...Ch..Ch.. Changes

Big Pimpin': (As defined in the Urban Dictionary)

"to live relatively luxurious compared to other associates"

Dear Maya,

Why must all your clothes make you look like you're vying to become some rap mogul?

So we're just over 7 weeks old now and things are definitely changing.


She's close to outgrowing her 3 month outfits now, closing in on the 6 month size. It's mainly her length. I swear her toes are just going to bust out of her little jammies one of these days.


She does this cutest little "sit-up" now. She does not like to be stationary when she's awake. When she's being carried she'll actually do a sit-up so she's sitting upright. Gots to see what's happening. She still doesn't have that head control 100% yet so the results my vary with this maneuver. She is also starting to put weight on her legs when we hold her upright. If she's really PO'd she'll do her little "stiff as a board" maneuver and we'd swear she could stand if she had to. Don't worry, we aren't letting her go or anything like that. yet. 

Weight & Height

Last Dr. Appoinment she weighed in at 10 lbs and 9 oz. and just under 23 inches long. That was a few weeks ago. If I were a betting man (which I am but Mommy won't let that side of me flourish into the winning king I'm destined to be) I'd say she's close to 12.5 pounds and about 2 feet tall now.

Game time

We introduced "fly birdy" to Maya this past week. She loves it. She holds her body stiff as a board as she soars high above the clouds. Ok maybe just high above the puppies. We crash land into Daddy and do this crazy little army crawl up his chest, just trying to get back to soaring position. Luckily no one has been puke bombed from fly birdy position yet.

Maya's magic trick

From Happy...

...To awkward smile (let's hope she's more photogetic than Mommy and Daddy once she gets older)

...To Crabalicious. (in under 60 seconds)

Naps and sleepins

The kid does not like to nap during the day. If she falls asleep while being held, boom. As soon as you lay her down she's awake. With that said she has been sleeping through the night (for the most part) and only waking for food time. I swear she said "food" today. Kid likes to eat. She is also putting herself to sleep at night sometimes. Lay her in her crib, a little white noise a little mobile wind-up and boom; she's asleep in no time. (or at least within 10 minutes) 

Mommy and Daddy night out! (well kinda)

Mommy and Daddy went to an infant CPR and saftey class and Maya had her first baby sitter. (Thanks Aunt Becky!) The class was a little surreal and of course we are already doing stuff wrong. :) Teacher: "Make sure you always lie infants on their back. This is the number one reason for child saftey issues." Us: "What if Maya immediately rolls to her side." Teacher: "Oh, that's ok." Us: "Um? ok." (Here's Daddy's view of the little beast in her side sleepin position while typing these posts)

Yup, things are changing. It all seems like a like a whirlwind and we can't believe how much she has grown already. We've already said "She doesn't look like our little baby anymore!" (I know, I know.. give us a first time parent break) But in the grand scheme of things she is still just a tiny, precious, helpless little creature who melts our hearts everyday. Much love Maya, much love.

Birthday Party Day

Today was Lorelei's Birthday! Happy Birthday Lorelei! We had fun at your party. Here's how Maya's day went in preperation.

"I'm up!, I'm up! sheesh."

"And I'm happy!"

or... not...

A little tummy time.

Some face time with Grammy.

Catching some zzz's at the last minute Target run.

Still time for a little dress-up. "Maya Smash!"

What to wear, what to wear? This 3 month dress will do. Good thing because it was tight as a glove. Last time this thing sees any action.

And finally, We're ready to PARTY!!!! YEA!!!!

Or just sleep at the party. Whatevs. Its cool.

Visiting daddy at work

She was awful.

We even tried to rile up the natives with her cool shirt.

Just rotten. Luckily Aunt Stacy was there to help calm her for at least a few moments. I think it means she is going to be a free spirit and not like office environments.