The Foz Days of Summer 2012

Dear Mai,

Today we lost our good boy Foster. He made it until he was 11 years old which is pretty good for a dog his size. At least he got to meet you and to be honest it is probably for the best. We used to call him "Keeper fo the fun" because... well. He hated for any dog or kid to have fun around him. You are right around the corner from being mobile at this point. Mobile fearless baby + Keeper of the Fun was probably not a good combination.

Either way you were starting to love him. You loved to watch him and it cracked you up everytime barked at stuff.

We'd like to think he had a good life with us. Mommy had a good call yesterday and suggested the whole family go to the water and the woods. One of his favorite things to do was to wander down trails in the woods, off leash and  then run back to us. He never liked being to far fromhis family. We used to get in trouble when we'd let him do that at some parks in Ohio. Here in Washington they're a little more laid back about dogs off leashes so he got to explore many parks here. Yesterday he seemed to have a blast and forget the fact that he was sick. It was a good day. You enjoyed the nature hike too.

At any rate, this post is for you Foz. We loved you very much and you will be missed. Bye Foz Bear.