So Mai, 

Today was you first Halloween. It was a toss-up on what you should be. Mommy rejected Daddy's original suggestion that we all go as a zombie family and you perfect the cutest, little scary baby zombie. So....

First things first. Get a good backup costume. If we can't find one that satisfies our artistic needs, lets do something simple and cute. Punkin.

What can we do that fits who you are today. I know! You scream like a banshee sometimes and the pitch you get is crazy high. In fact we like to say you sound like you're just about to break into "Lovin' You" by Minnie Riperton. "La,la,la, la..."

Ladies and Gentleman, let me introduce: "Mini, Minnie Riperton"

Wait. We need the bib overalls don't we.

Ok so not quite but you get the picture. Overall you weren't extremely happy with the wig but you left it on the entire time at Daddy's work party. You were a pretty big hit although we had to ditch the mini, Minnie Riperton theme and just go with mini-daddy... because that is what everyone thought you looked like.

Happy Halloween Mai Tai!

Love Daddy.