First day of "school"

Dear Maya,

It's hard to believe that Mommy has been out of work for nearly 12 weeks already since your original due date. You know what that means don't you? Daycare.

I remember the first day I went back to work after you were born and Grandma already went back to Ohio. It was just you and Mommy. Alone. All. Day. Long. By the time I got home you both were in tears and I think Mommy's exact words were: "I don't know if I can do this for 10 more weeks." I'm afraid I wasn't much help as we were both in that new parent haze.

But we blinked twice and boom. 10.5 weeks passed and yesterday was your first day at daycare. We almost didn't take you today because it was too hard for us. But we suppose a gagillion other parents do this every day. So yesterday started early with getting you dressed.

You horsed around with your beloved Mr. Bunny for a bit.

We did some last minute packing and labeling your lunch.

But finally you were ready to go!

Stella passed you a look of victory as she patiently waited for you to leave. (She's just jealous)

It was a stereotypical Seattle morning; Wet, rainy and a little chilly. Perfect weather for Mr. Snail to make an appearance.

Hopefully by the time you are reading this the great gas crisis is over and you're able to navigate this earth and cosmos by mind power.(or at least something more efficient) Just know this. $65 bucks to fill us up was ludicrous in our time.

The commute was long and the weather set the tone for us.

But a little while later we arrived!

Look how little you were compared to the other kids! You'll only be the youngest for a few weeks. A 9 week old friend will join you soon.

*The faces and names of the children have been modified to protect their innocence and privacy.

"Sam" was happy to see you and immediately held your hand in solidarity against tummy time.

Later he rested his head by you to make you feel better.

That didn't help too much because as we left you were screaming your behind off. Don't worry it wasn't anything to do with the teachers, kids or the place. It was food time. At this stage in your life you always scream at food time. It's ok. Daddy pretty much does the same thing.

We like your daycare a lot and yesterday just reinforced our good decision in sending you there. Mommy dropped Daddy off downtown and I walked to work. I think the mixture of the optimism I felt yesterday combined with this ginormous milestone led me to see the city in a brand new light. Despite the bad weather and the traffic, the city is beautiful sometimes.

FINALLY it was time to pick you up! (You were one tired little camper)

You received a perfect scorecard and the teachers said you did great your first day! Mommy was so happy to pick you up and you were the happiest little camper we've seen out of you. After a quick nap and a ride home you smiled, laughed and just played with us all night.  Well.. most of the night.

I wish I could say that was the end to a great day. But we had an evening errand to run that day.

Yup. That's right. It was blood draw day. Uh-oh.

Of course you were the most perfect, brave, strong little angel there could be. You got your little shot and blood drawn without one little cry. We were so proud of you today. If you could have eaten it we would have taken you for an ice cream treat reward. You were so good in fact that the staff at Seattle's Childrens gave you not one, but TWO toys for your good behavior.

And apparently you like chicken.

Well that's that; another milestone in the books. Let's hope you like "real school" as much as you liked it yesterday. Don't grow up too fast kid.

Nanu, Nanu,