Ohio Trip: The second half - East Side Pride

Maya and Grandma! After brunch with Mommy's family on Mother's Day, we drove to Toledo to introduce Maya to Daddy's side of the family! She got to hang with Grandma.

The official "baby of the family" torch was passed down from Prima Maria in person.

Before dinner, Maya caught a quick nap. Now this is a real oddity for the little one. She really doesn't nap during the day much but it was a big day (week) for the little one!

We had Mother's day dinner with everyone and Maya got to hang with all her Tias y Tios. Tia Linda and Grandma got to enjoy some tasty beveridges too!

Maya got to visit the house Daddy grew up in!

She got some quality time with Aunt Rosie and Uncle John

A quick visit with Great Aunt Mary Rose. Look! Only a few letters off Maya Rose!

And we had to capture a few "only in Ohio" pics. Seattle, folk, pay attention. It is ok to have a child in a bar / restaurant. It doesn't have to be against the law. She didn't steal any sips. It's ok.

It was such a great trip but it was tiring, especially for the little one. Luckily we got to have some down time while Maya experienced her first hotel stay. I love this picture of May and Mommy.

But the highlight of the trip was visiting Grandpa. Grandpa would have loved you so much you would have loved him. Don't worry Maya, you'll get to know him. We'll tell you so many stories and his spirit will live on through you. We miss you very much Grandpa.

It was such a good time. Thanks Family and friends in Toledo. I wish we would have had the chance to see more of you but I've said it before. Seattle is a great place to visit in the summer. hint, hint. Until then...!