The Good Little Traveler: Coming Home

Yesterday was a long day for little Miss Maya. It started with getting up early and heading out to Detroit Metro Airport to catch our flight.

Hanging out with Daddy while waiting for the plane to take-off.

After a light meal, catching a few Zzz's after take-off. (notice the outfit change. The engine starting wasn't the only explosion on that flight)

Woke up after about an hour an a half in the air and grabbed a quick undercover lunch with Mommy.

Watched a little tube with Mommy.

Played for a bit in my very own airplane seat.

Caught another nap with about 1 hour left in flight. Ahh.. peaceful sleep.

Didn't wine once during the entire 4.5 hour flight! In fact, slept through the landing and even while waiting for Daddy to get all the luggage.

Even slept through the shuttle / parking / flat tire fiasco Mommy and Daddy had to go through

Finally arrived back home to the comfortable crib and mobile friends!

You'd think that be enough to fit in for one day for a little one.  Unfortunately no and poor Maya had to pack it up again and head to the Dr. for her two month check-up.  You know what two-month check-up means? Vaccinations.  Poor baby.

Good news is she passed check-up with flying colors.

Weight: 12 pounds and 12.5 ounces

Height: over 2 feet tall!