Fashion, Summer Concerts, Books and Independence

Dear Mai,

This summer has been pretty rough for us, especially recently. I don't want to ignore anything but for this post I'm just going to focus on some fun moments.

Its after midnight tonight and you and I got home late from the bumbershoot festival. Mommy couldn't make it with us because of a last minute flight back to Ohio she had to take. Luckily we have the Shraders that live here as well. We met Uncle Shawn, Aunt Becky and Lorelei at the festival and it was just what the doctor ordered. Sometimes when it is just you and I, we have fun but we also have our "moments" too. This morning was one of those times and we pretty much weren't speaking to each other before nap time. We both rallied though and had a blast at the festival. You did awesome at your first outdoor music festival! We got there just in time for Red Fang to take the stage. You were kind of out of it for the majority of that show. I couldn't tell if you were enjoying yourself or what. I think we are heading into that normal kid time now where you'd rather be doing kid stuff than watching a metal show. 

After that show we got pizza and your mood did a 180. You were happy and awake finally. You are your father's girl. Sheesh.

Next up was the Replacements and you had a blast. You were running around chasing Lorelei, dancing to the Replacements and just having a ball. I love watching you play with other kids finally. I'm a little worried you are too much of a mommy and daddy hanger. We try to socialize you as much as possible and you do go to daycare. You seem to still prefer mommy and daddy's company over anyone else though. To see you play with Lorelei and take off with some other kids makes me feel much better.

We were at a friend's birthday party the other day and you finally broke free from mommy and daddy and played with the other kids.

You also had your first kid "celebrity" moment. We were at the Port Defiance zoo a few weeks back and you screamed "Olivia" as we were eating our pizza. Sure enough, Olivia from the books we read comes marching up the pavilion. You even wanted to take a picture with her! Granted, you had to have mommy with you but  you did it. This is a vast improvement over any Santa "photo op" we've ever experienced. Speaking of books. One of our new favorite books we just started reading this week is Zen Shorts. It's an awesome book Mai. I hope we keep it when you are older. There is some wisdom in that book.

You've also recently started watching kid videos. Up until this point you haven't been very interested in TV and the only cartoons we've watched has been the baby channel cartoons and only on Saturday and Sunday for our big breakfasts. Nancy from mommy's work gave you your first DVDs (which you call ABCDs) and I've seen that damn Strawberry Shortcake movie more than any adult should ever have to endure. We'll probably watch it again tomorrow. On the way home from Bumbershoot you and I were talking in the car. Maya: "Let's watch shortcake tomorrow with big breakfast. Nancy bought be that movie." You're pretty funny with remembering who gave you stuff. Especially since Grandma is responsible for 90% of said stuff.

Your sense of independence is also shining through lately. "Maya do this! Maya do that! I do it by myself!" All these are common every day phrases in our household. It especially shines through on your wardrobe selection. I've given up trying to dress you myself. I'll just let you do whatever floats your boat. I'm not the one wearing rain boots and a swimming suit.

Okay, the Metallica shirt is my contribution. I'll take responsibility for that.

You're pretty funny Mai. We worry so much about what we are doing wrong. We want you to just be happy and and kid like. I think that we are probably over protective sometimes. It's hard not to be. I worry about you not playing with kids more. I worry about you not being able to handle a fall. At all. I worry that you're too worried about being careful. Worry, worry, worry. I don't think that we'll ever end. That's okay. We're parents of a wonderful child. We're allowed to worry. Let's just hope we're giving you enough freedom to make mistakes and make your own experiences. 

Speaking of your own way. You finally completed your version of the ice bucket challenge. You're baby makes a cameo experience in this video. Over the last two weeks baby has become your best friend. You talk to her, hug her, kiss her and play all kinds of make believe with her. Its fun to watch. (but if I'm being completely honest, its a little taxing having to play the baby part all the time. :)

Good night Mai and sweet dreams. Love,