A big girl in her big girl room

Dear Mai, (our little big girl)

So a few posts back I mentioned that we were getting ready for your big girl bed... well that day has come. (It has passed actually but whatever)

Grandma came in town and we had another great visit with her. This visit had a purpose though. Fix up that little girl's room! If you haven't realized it yet, Grandma is very crafty, artsy and creative. She loves putting together designs. In fact Grandma has helped decorate every house we've ever lived in, rented or owned. When we sold our Ohio home Grandma helped stage the place and that probably was 99% of the reason we sold it mid recession. What I'm trying to say is that Grandma has skillz and now that she has got the hang of pinterest she's out of control. So while we had a blast with her visit as always, she was dead set on getting your room together for you before you left. Her only constraints? Purple. You had to have purple. 

So you'll find that the one thing I'm really bad at are the "before" pictures. I want to do a whole "before" and "after" series now but alas I don't have any pictures of what your room looked like before we started to change it. Best I can do is the actual real estate picture I found of it when we bought this place and a few random "work in progress" pictures of me putting that stinking Ikea bed together.





We love it! Thanks Grandma!

You are doing awesome in your big girl bed. We were worried you would never sleep there but after just a little bit of fuss, nothing. You love going to your own room in your own bed. Mama asked you to sleep with her the other night and you responded: "No mommy. I have to sleep in my own room. You'll be okay though! I can give a kiss and a hug!"

You love your room. You had a play date over the other day and you wanted to show her your room. You showed her your purple wall, the lanterns, your purple light, your mirrors and your sunshine. You were pretty proud of everything.

While Grandma was here we had fun getting the room together while still showing Grandma around Seattle. We hit the international district to pickup the Japanese lanterns.

You slept with Grandma every night she was here. We were worried that was going to create a monster and you weren't going to want to sleep by yourself. Luckily you like your room so much its not an issue. AND as a bonus, because you and Grandma went to bed together, Mommy and I had a few couch date nights! Score!

You are getting so big and grown up so fast kiddo! Remember that whole potting training business? Well, just as we suspected as soon as WE (mommy and daddy) got serious about it you were pretty much instantly potting trained! About 5 weeks ago we started our serious training and you had it within a few days. Heck you've only had maybe 3 accidents since we started training 5 weeks ago. Good job Mai!

As always, your awareness and intelligence always impress me. While you and mommy were having a cheese snack you took a bite of your cheese and said: "Look Mommy! Idaho!"

You are also turning into our good little helper too. While we were taking down our Halloween decorations you asked if you could take a walk. I said "Sure! as long as I can see you." Maya: "otay." You walked all the way down to the end of the block all by yourself. Don't worry you knew not to walk into the street or anything. My little baby and her independence! :)

We're having fun Mai. AND we just booked our Ohio tickets for around Christmas time. We can't wait for that. I fear we turned you into a little travel junkie. You've been saying: "I want to stay in a hotel again sometime." :) I think you have travel withdrawal like Mommy and Daddy get. Let's hope our Ohio trip scratches that itch for everybody.

I love you so much Mai. I love watching your grow and discover more things every day. Don't grow up to fast! Mommy and Daddy still want to enjoy our sweet little baby for a bit longer.