Granville Street Fair

Dear Mai,

So far the our Ohio summer vacation of 2013 has been great. We had a bit of a crazy start with some long flights and a bit of trouble catching up on sleep but we're getting our game on.

One of the first things we did was hit the Granville street fair.Time to get prepared for that hot Ohio sun!

You got to split my taco truck burrito too! I had mixed feelings about this. On one hand, you were eating a taco truck burrito! How cool! On the other hand? You were eating MY taco truck burrito! I suppose it was pretty cool to share with you.

And don't worry, you can get deep fried goodies like this in our state of Washington too!

The Puyallup festival in Washington has deep fried goodness. We didn't try these at the street fair but you got to try your first funnel cake from Grandma! It was super yummy!

We're having a blast and there is a lot more to post. You're sleeping now. You'll probably be on east coast time just in time for us to head back to Seattle. That'll be good. An opinionated baby with jet lag. fun. :-)

Love you to pieces Mai,