Coastal Visiting

Dear Mai,

Among all the moving shenanigans as of late, we managed to sneak away for a quick day trip to the coast. Grandma saw this segment on Seabrook, Washington in Coastal Living Magazine so we thought, why not check it out? It's a quaint little town that has recently just been built. It turned into a great little family day trip.

We got to pose as Sasquatch (Sasquatches?)

They have this little local street market and you found this perfect little chair that you loved. I'm regretting every day not buying that for you. It was pretty darn cute.

Then it was off to the beach! It was mid-day and the sun still hadn't burned off the fog!

Here was the trek from the town to the beach. You actually climbed up 3/4 of the all these stairs on our way back up. Of course, once at the top you immediately tried to turn around to go back down and do it all again. Not so much fun for a winded Daddy.

Once on the beach it was exploring time!

Then off to the Ocean!

You loved it! Without hesitation you let the waves hit you. Mommy and Daddy had to take turns going in with you. Surprisingly the water was warmer than you'd expect. Don't get be wrong, it wasn't balmy or anything but it wasn't instant hypothermia like I kind of expected. Either way, you splashed, found shells and sand dollars and got soaked to the bone! It was a blast!

By the time we finished playing and made it back up the great stairwell of Seabrook and did a quick clothes change, the sun finally came out! (see, we had an extra outfit for you. We do learn from our mishaps)

It was a good day trip Mai Tai. We'll come back soon more prepared to spend the whole day at the beach. Heck we might try to talk some friends into renting a cabin for the weekend with us. We'll make sand castles, bury Mommy in the sand and all sorts of fun things. For now, we'll just chalk it up as another good day trip.