Mai Tai on the beach

Dear Mai Tai,

Summer of 2012 is proving to be a crazy busy summer for Team Castaneda. On July 1 our landlord told us to buy his house for a ridiculous amount of money or get out by September 1. We're choosing to get out. What does that mean? You're first house? Almost. We had an offer on a house fall through because the previous owner's thought their dirt shack was the Taj Mahal. So needless to say our days and weekends have been mostly filled with house (buying and rental) hunting. Mostly.

In the midst of all this and watching you become more awesome everyday our pups are sometimes taking back seat to our activites. I should point out that said pups are not use to this position. But we couldn't let this Goose's 12 birthday go by this year. You might never realize this but The Goose (aka Stella Mae Lupita Castañeda) is one of the best dogs to ever walk this earth. So we decided to treat her to one of her favorite doggie parks: Double Bluff Beach on Whidbey Island.

You got to take a dip in the ocean.

Doggies got to play too.

All the while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

With all that going on. What did you love most? You're Umbrella. You must truly be a Seattle-ite. Mama bear was trying to protect your baby skin and it turned into the best toy in the world. You were so proud of it.

Big days like this make for one tired baby!

You did wake up in time to enjoy some of the scenic views from the ferry deck with mommy on our way back home.

It was a great day. You were a little crabby by the end of it. That's ok. Its a big day for a little baby. If Goose makes it to age 13 we'll hit Cannon beach for that one.

P.S. - You're current nickname is Mai Tai. We figured both our dogs are named after beer, why stop there. I'm sorry if it catches on. If it does, just wear it well and be glad your real name isn't Storm. (see the naming fiasco)