Hangin with Papaw and Mamaw

This second Ohio trip was pretty exciting. Not only did you get to be in your first wedding and hang with the Castaneda clan, Papaw and Mamaw Barker came up from Georgia to see you too!

First things first. Food. You had your very first high chair experience at Panera Bread in Newark, Ohio and you did swimmingly! A natural if you will. Fear not, Papaw was there to lend you a helping hand if needed.

But, as usual, you are pretty irristable so Papaw had to snatch you up!

From lunch we headed over to Aunt Patty and Uncle Gene's for some quality family time.

You even resisted your need to feed long enough to get a couple great family photos with Papaw and Mamaw!

But alas, our visit was too short. Don't worry we'll see them again soon. Papaw gave your mother a great photobook from when she was little. I can't wait to share those with you.