Exploring Vashon Island

Dear Mai Tai,

It's 5 AM, Friday November 9, 2012. I'm awake because of you're recent "sleeping" shenaigans. You are quietly sleeping your little head off right now but Daddy is up at 5 because... well... that is what you have conditioned me to do so now... you little bugger.

Anywho, this provides a good time for me to catch up on some posts! I'm remembering our buddy Foz this morning and what a good last day he had. It was a pretty good day for the whole Team Castaneda.

Vashon Island is just a quick ferry ride from our house. It's a sleepy little town with some pretty quirky little spots. I hope this place becomes a regular little getaway for our clan.

We ate at this awesome little vegatarian cafe called Snap Dragon. You had fun making friends with the other patrons while sipping on some high quality H20.

We explored the famous Vashon Island "Bike in the Tree." Whatever the story is, it's a real bike in a tree. 

We hit the southeast coast park and you got to have your lunch al fresco. There were tons of Jellies on the shore too.

You had your first little nature hike too and LOVED IT! You were crazy busy on the trail; constantly kicking your little legs, waving your arms and laughing. You're so silly.

It was a good day. I'll remember that day for the rest of my life. It was a great end of summer family day. I think Foz loved his last day with us too.

I think I hear you now. Time to start this day.