The funny list

Dear Mai,

Its Thanksgiving eve and I've just finished brining our turkey. I can't believe the holiday season is already here. I still have to post about our Halloween fun! In addition to all the holiday fun, we also celebrated Mommy's birthday! Your teacher at your daycare says you are the one that LOVES birthday parties. She even tries to rearrange the days that you are there to coincide with the parties because you like them so much. For Mommy's birthday you helped me bake her cake!

Your also recovering from being sick. We don't like our sweet girl to be sick but... when you are, it is when you are the most "cuddly" so we try to take advantage of it. 

Even when you're sick you want to help. Here you are "helping" me make your bed.

This is also the first year you are old enough to really "get" some of the holidays. You loved Halloween and we are all pretty excited for our friends to come over tomorrow for Thanksgiving. We've also introduced you to more Christmas concepts. 

For example, we told you about Santa and Christmas lists. Since you are watching more TV / cartoons these days, you see stuff on the commercial and exclaim: "I WANT THAT!" We need to instill a better "can't always get what you want" and "you have to earn it" type mentality but.. you're 2 so for now we are saying "You better put that on your Christmas list!" 

Again, being two, the concept of being "nice" or "good" lasts for about 45 seconds before that naughty side kicks in. You want to be good. You really do but you just can't help yourself. Well, at least you USED to want to be good. Here is a conversation from last weekend.

Mommy: "Maya! Its time for bed!"

Maya: "No. I don't want to do that."

Mommy: "Maya, that isn't being a good girl. Do you want Santa to move you from the nice list to the naughty list?"

(This is after at least 1 day of you trying your best to stay on the nice list)

Maya: (after a pause and some pensive thought. You kind of mutter under your breath) "no. I'm going to be on the funny list."

Daddy: "What?"


Daddy: (erupts in laughter)

Mommy: "Honey, there is a fine line between funny and naughty and I don't think you have the experience to pull that off."

Daddy: (more laughter)

Maya: "no. I can do it. I'm funny."

Good Lord, what are we in for.

In addition to the "wish list" you've also taken a shine to all the holiday decorations. We bought you some purple Christmas lights that we are going to put up in your room tomorrow. You're so excited you can't stand it. I can't wait to take you to see the lights this year. You're going to love it!

Besides all the materialistic things, we are also trying to introduce you to the concept of giving. We want you to understand the joy of giving during the holidays and not just all about "me, me, me." So far so good. You're excited to give away more of your old coats, clothes and toys. Let's keep that up.

Well, its late and I'm rambling. Happy Thanksgiving my funny girl!