The Elusive Tooths

Dear Mai,

I have been trying to get a post up about your little teeth that made their first appearance on September 28, 2012 but it has proven to be more difficult than you can imagine to photograph them.

Mommy got a few pics of the first tooth by force on that day.

Within a few weeks your second tooth appeared. It helps you eat your mum mum crackers.

But that wasn't good enough for me. I wanted to get a good smiling pic with those crazy tooths shining through.

Almost! Your little tongue got in the way. Let's try again.
Nope. That stinking little tongue again! For as cute as your little beatnik poet outfit is, you weren't about to give us a tooth smile, you little stinker.

Finally, when Grandma came out to visit us in November I snuck a quick shot in and got'em!
I was hoping to get a better shot but its been over two months since the first tooth appeared. Let's just call it.

Milestone: Your bottom two teeth were the first ones in. First tooth on September 28, 2012. Second tooth, mid October. Third tooth? I predict 1/1/13.