Quality Family Time with a little Seattle tour guide

Last week was a big week for us kiddo. We had our first house guests in our new pad here in Seattle. Grandma Castaneda, Uncle Chuck and Auntie Lourdes came to visit! The week was filled with sick puppies, sick babies and sick mommies but it still worked out great. We got to hang out and for the first time, I noticed you bounding with other people besides Daddy and Mommy. It was awesome to see. Grandma and Tio y Tia got to see your crazy personality first hand!

One of the first things they noticed was how big you are getting. You're eating "real" food now and even sitting up for it by yourself! However, I don't think they were impressed with the eating environment your parents provided you.

Your eating chair before Uncle Chuck's visit.

Your eating chair after Uncle Chuck's visit.

Your very own high chair! Yea! You're pretty happy with it. Not only can you eat in safety, you can bang on your tray like a mad-baby... and also act like a big girl.

They got to see you show off for them. Acting like a big girl in your own high chair at the restaurant always makes you happy.

While they were here you discovered how to bounce in your little overstimulation station.

They also got to see your little crinkled nose, squinting snort / laugh. We are pretty sure you picked it up from the dogs.

Grandma got a kick out of your little daily "report cards" from daycare. Here are a few gems:

"Maya was pretty good today but the other kids didn't like it when she pulled their hair."

"Maya watched some friends have lunch and was very interested. There were times when her mouth went 'munch munch' too."

"Maya got a new toy that has lights and music today. Every time it sang Maya looked at us and laughed. It was a cute laugh. She made her eyes and nose all funny."

It was a great time. Daddy was able to sneak away one evening and catch a Mariners game with the family while you and Mommy rested your sick little selves at home.

I think they really enjoyed Seattle but I'm sure you were the highlight of the visit. We made a deal with Grandma that we will have a weekly "Sunday Skype with Grandma." I can't wait!

Come back real soon guys!