Nonsense and sense of style-y

Dear Mai,

Most mornings our routine goes like this:

Daddy: (Walks into your room) "Rise and shine sweet pea! Time to get uppie!" (Opens window shade, turns on light)

Maya: (grumble, grumble grumble... rolls over, pulls cover over head... grumble, grumble)

I usually leave your room and start to get ready myself. USUALLY you get up, pick out your outfit because I'm always wrong when I do, get dressed and climb into our bed while I finish getting ready. Mostly. 

Today was not like this. You just refused to get up. Now I know I should know better but I figured since I was already ready, you were still in bed, I better pick out your outfit today. WRONG!

I thought I did alright. I had this cute little skirt, some black tights, black socks and this fancy, pretty off-white sweater. WRONG!

Maya: "Um. Those are black tights. Black tights do not go with this skirt."

Daddy: "Sure they do! Black goes with everything!"

Maya: "Nope. I want white tights. With feet."

Daddy: "Fine." (Looks for said white tights with feet.) "I can't find them. How about just these white tights with white socks?"

Maya: "Nope. Well fine. Those tights are okay but I want pink socks. All pink"

Daddy: "Fine. Here are some pink socks."

Maya: "Those aren't ALL pink. I see some white in them."

Daddy: "Deal with it"

Maya: "Fine" (puts on white tights, almost all pink socks and skirt) "I like the belt on this skirt!" (puts on pretty sweater)

Maya: "This sweater is a no. It's too long. It covers my cute belt"

Daddy: (thinking about whisky) "WHAT! It's a beaut... oh whatever. Fine. Try this shirt."

Maya: "I want a white shirt with a pretty bow like the sweater but not too long so I can show my belt."


Maya: "Fine. Just give me that heart shirt and I'll tuck it in. To show my cute belt."

Surprisingly we actually made it to school on time. And you, well you do you baby.