More Christmas Preparation

Dear Mai,

Today was a pretty casual day. We've been having fun getting our house ready for Christmas and today was the day we finally went and got our tree. It was decision time. Since this is our first year spending Christmas in our own house, do we start a new tradition and go to a tree farm and cut our own tree? That sounds like fun!

We didn't do that. Between our procrastinating and my over researching tree farms on the Intranet we decided to just go to our favorite local tree lot and get one there. Oh and it was raining. And we're lazy.

So it's not cut your own and you wanted to help Mommy get decorations ready so Daddy was sent off by himself to get a tree. 

Plus you insisted on wearing this outfit without a coat because you are apparently aware of your own cuteness.

Come to think of it, THAT is our tradition. Send Daddy off in the rain to a tree lot to get a tree. Mommy and I have been doing that even pre-Maya! This year I apparently mastered the "I work here" look and was asked by several people to help get a fresh cut or load their Christmas trees.

But after a quick brunch stop at the local Elliot Bay with some homemade donuts...

We finally got our tree up and got it decorated!

It's a pretty tree and you are a pretty girl. Mommy and I joke that we hope you have an awkward phase from about age 14 through 22. Okay we don't. Not really. Kinda. I just don't know how many high school boys I'm going to have to destroy. I worry about these things. 

We also bought your first Advent Calendar (chocolates for 24 days? Who doesn't like that?) and the Elf returned to keep an eye on you the remainder of the year. We're having a blast with all of it this year Mai. Seeing your excitement makes us happy. Now the trick is how to not make it all about commercialism and all that jazz. I don't think we've started on the right foot. We're having fun though! :-)

Good night Mai!