Lessons Learned: Always pack an extra outfit

So Amy and I are first time parents with Maya. Maya has no problem pointing out areas of our parenting that need help.  What we learned last Monday... always pack an extra outfit, diaper and stuff. In fact pack that diaper bag that we had listed on 5 registries or something like that. Also be sure to bring said packed diaper back wherever you take baby. Even if it is only a few minutes away.

So we live 1.9 miles away from Maya's Doctor. We had a follow up, weigh-in appointment for her on Monday, March 19. They said the appointment wouldn't take more than 5 minutes. We knew Maya was doing well so we figured in, out, easy-peasy. 

I should mention that 99% of the times I've changed Maya's diaper she has "done her business" while I'm changing her. I should have thought of that when they want to weigh a naked baby.

Nurse: "Let's get her naked, including pampers off."

Me: "Ok" (does as told)

Maya: (pees over everything. Diaper, Maya, Outfit, Blanket, Dr. Table and Daddy.)

Me: (as I'm handing crazy Maya to nurse) "Um. Do you have an extra diaper?"

Result: Angry baby having to sit in car seat with only diaper on.

(Before you go off calling child services, yes we did have a pee-free blanket so she didn't freeze to death while outside)

Well played Maya, well played. We won't do that again. (at least in our heart of hearts we really won't want to)