Dear Mai,

I can't believe it but you've already finished your first week of Kindergarten! I don't think it has really hit me yet or maybe I'm just used to you growing. You've been ready for Kindergarten for awhile, at least us proud, overprotective parents think so. 

I remember when you first starting going to the Y daycare / preschool. You were previously going to Miss "V's" and she ran a Montessori program like a boss. She had you kids on a schedule, cleaning up after yourselves and learning tons of stuff. After your first day at the "Y" you came home and said. "What is this place? We didn't even do any work!?!? All we did was play!!!" Of course we thought you were cute, funny and adorable. After the first week there you were all like "Seriously. They don't do any work here."

Well you had your preschool "Graduation" this past June and spent the summer in their summer pre-k "camp." It was pretty much just more play time. We were okay with that because we wanted you to get used to playing with kids your own age. At the Montessori place, you had mixed aged kids and always hung out with the older kids. Well you were getting to be the oldest kid there so we made the change. The Y was good for you. While I think you did play with others, you played on your own there a lot too. It was good all the way around. Some were along the way, you and your best friend Emma ended up in the same class. Take about trouble, you two... sheesh. :)

Over the last few weeks you discovered your new favorite game. Hangman! Whenever we're at restaurants or in the car for a road trip, 20 questions has been your favorite for awhile now. You're pretty good at it for your age. I've been impressed by your understanding and logic when we play. You know that if you ask and its not a place or a thing, its a person so you don't have to waste a guess on asking that. Then you narrow it down "Does this person live in Seattle? No? Ohio? No? Virginia? Yes? Is it Hannah?" We throw you a few curve balls every now and then but you're pretty good. But now it's hangman. You crack me up because you always ask for "L, Y, Q, Z and G" and half the time none of those letters are in the word. We start drawing out the hangman and you say "MAN! I'm terrible at this game!" But for not knowing how to spell or read, you're pretty good. I love that you want to take your own turn but you can only spell a few things. "Maya, Mama, Love, Emma and Art" I hate to break this to you but, we're going to guess the word every. single. time. :)

But now it's big kid Kindergarten time. You were a little nervous at first but that was probably just feeding off Mama and me. You came home your first day and said you LOVED IT! You already made some friends and on your second day you had science and said you LOVED science class; AND music class!

Who knows what the future holds Mai. During your preschool graduation you had to pick what you wanted to be when you grow up. Here is what you picked and what you have been saying now for probably about a year. You want to be a chef.

You like experimenting with stuff and you like food. Sounds perfect! Whatever it is, all we want is for you to discover a love for learning. Keep being curious, experiment, have confidence to ask questions, ask for help and make mistakes over and over again trying to do stuff on your own. That kind of confidence is key, no matter if you continue your chef ambitions or if you go on to ivy league school and become President, or anything in-between. Confidence and continual learning. A recipe for success, if you will. 

Sleep well my sweet little girl. On to week two here starting tomorrow. This week is your first Math class! Exciting!

Love you sweet pea,