Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Dear Mai,

Wow. Christmas. This is the topic of our daily discussions these days. Christmas lights! Santa! Christmas Lists! Snow! Ohio! Prizes! Candy Canes! Snowmans! And yes, you still insist you're on the funny list. Its a hoot and crazy time of year.

To start things off we had our annual "snow" day here in Seattle! That usually just means a dusting and indeed that is all it was this year but you saw it out our window when you first woke up; "DADDY! DADDY! SNOW! YOOK IT! SNOW!" Unadulterated, ecstatic enthusiasm. We immediately got all our winter gear on and headed out to play, even before breakfast! We ran into your friend Noelle and her Mommy and Daddy. She is one of your first neighborhood friends. Its pretty darn cute watching you two interact together. This first set of photos are courtesy of her mother Sonja Hunt from I think this emphasises the fact that we need to get a professional shoot done with you instead of just capturing everything with our pitiful little cell phone cameras. 

<tangent data-attribute='get-off-my-lawn'> When I first met your mommy we got our very first cell phones together. A few years later was when they introduced cameras on cell phones for the first time. I remember saying "There is absolutely no reason I would ever use a camera on my cell phone." Combined we both have over a gagillion photos on our phones. </tangent> 

Thanks for the pics Sonja!

And of course more shots with our pitiful camera phones. You were pretty into the whole snowball concept.

So you're pretty excited about your Christmas list. Here you are at target checking out a book, you know to see if you want to add it to your list or not.

You LOVE decorating for Christmas. We got our tree last weekend and again, pure toddler excitement with helping decorate it. Notice the first ornaments you hung this year. The purple ones. Quite different from last year's Red Fang Christmas. We lost your Red Fang patch too. You still wanted to hang it after I mentioned it, but after the purple ones.

Thank goodness Grandma sent us Christmas decorations this year. You probably would not have been satisfied with our normal minimal Christmas display. I'm so impressed you've managed to not touch the Christmas blocks so far!

I made the mistake of saying that we could put Christmas lights in your room. As soon as you hear that, it had to happen. But what kind of lights? Yup. You guessed it. Purple ones. It looks like a damn kids room from the 1970s. All you need is a black light poster and you're all set!

You're getting to be such a big girl Mai! You're stylish.

Love to help cook.

Love to play dress-up.

And love to build things. This is your chair you built out of your footstool and cushion. "It helps my back" you say. Yup. You will have many funny sayings because you have older parents. I guess that's why you're on the funny list. 

<tangent>If there is such a thing as the funny list, your mommy and I invented it. We're pretty damn funny. Let's not forget that. I'm sure you'll appreciate our humor as you grow. Either that our resent us but whatevs. </tangent>

Today you and Mommy are picking me up from work to ride the carousel and see the big tree downtown. We have many other Christmas fun times planned AND we leave for Ohio soon! Let's keep this Christmas train rolling!

Love you my little funny girl,


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I am blown away by this kid!!!!
Thanks Nancy! We think she's pretty cool too... most of the time. ;-)
Cousin, Ed!! This is soooo coool!! Wow!! the way you share her life! She is going to be so blown away when she grows up and reads your diary! She's amazing & absolutely beautiful! I hope you plan a trip to Cali real soon:) Happy Holidays, Primo!! Love you guys...xoxoxo
Thanks Prima! I hope she doesn't feel too much Jim Carey on the Truman Show! ;) and by the way, she LOVES California. We started teaching her the states and since she has been ~20 months old she's said. "I want to live in California." So we'll be there soon for sure.. but y'all need to head up North a bit to us too. I'll totally understand if you wait until summer (starts July 5th) though. BUT we do expect and want y'all to visit! She would love to show her cousins her purple big girl room!
Love her style!
Thanks Wynnie! She's pretty into being Maya. :-)