Island and the sun

Saturday was Maya's first trip off the mainland and off to Bainbridge Island we were! Boasting temperatures of near 70 and bright sun all weekend, the ferry is one of the best spots to view the Seattle area and all its beauty. Plus at 5 weeks old, its time for Maya to get her sea legs.

Maya and Mommy ready to start the day, about to go pick up the Shrader clan. Yup, all six of us are going to pile in there. Its ok, Becky agreed to ride hostage in the way back.

Here are some unapologetic photos of said Seattle beauty.

I love the backdrop of the cascades behind the city.  That hunk of land in front of Mount Rainer is West Seattle.That is where Maya lives. Represent. West SIYEED! Thanks Aunt Becky for the pics!

Of course what does Maya do on this part of the trip? Sleep

Even out in the breezy deck? Sleepins.

That's ok. Maya wasn't the only one sleepins on the boat. (person unknown. We refer to him as "the drifter." Except that makes me think of Rutger Hauer but I'm going way off on a tangent now.)

Luckily Lorelei was there to soak up the views from the ferry and keep us all entertained.

We didn't have much of an agenda. Soak up some sun, check out the main drag on the Island and possibly get some grub. Prolly some beers too. Definitely some beers.

Uncle Shawn found us what is possibly the best BBQ we've ever had and Mommy got to enjoy a few cold ones for the first time in a long time. Yay Mommy! And yes, those are goldfish and cornflakes on mac n cheese. Mac n cheese will never be the same again.

Maya even got to dine Al Fresco!

Best part of the trip? Lorelei and Maya becoming friends. As soon as Maya focused on Lorelei she was hooked. Smiling, cooing and just staring in awe. In return Lorelei held Maya for the first time and started telling her stories about her crazy pets. It was ridiculously cute and precious. I think we witnessed the birth of a lifelong friendship!

She was perfect all day long. It wasn't until the way home when our friend crankiness kicked in.

Luckily her best friend Lorelei was there to help soothe her with song. Again, the cuteness / precious factor was on overload. I forget the exact lyrics but there were something like "Maya o Maya, please don't you cry-a... Everyone loves you. Everyone thinks your precious. You're so beautiful." God love Lorelei. She proves she is such an awesome kid every time we see her.

It was a long day for the little one. She assumed her ferry riding position on the way home.

It was, as they say, a good day.