Green Light

Dear Mai,

We had a fun Daddy and Maya day today. You had a 1/2 of school and you knew I was picking you up to hang the rest of the day. You insisted that we were going to have a dance party and we were going to stay up until midnight partying. In the car after I picked you up:

Maya: "All the kids at school are SO jealous that I'm staying up until midnight tonight partying!"

Daddy: "Um. Is that what you told them?"

Maya: "Yes. They said they wall wanted to stay up until midnight too! And have a dance party like us!"

Daddy: "Dude. Midnight is super late. Let's see if we can make it to 9:30"

Maya: "Nope. Midnight. We'll make it to midnight. I am going to play Green Light (by Lorde) the whole time too."

Daddy: "Let's just worry about lunch first. It's noon."

For the record, you made it until 10:00 PM but said it was midnight. We did listen to Green Light an unholy amount of times today. Here is a video I spent way too much time editing honoring the day. I played part of the videos I recorded on my phone back to you before you crashed out. 

Maya: "Wow. This is pretty cool. I look like a real rock star. That might be what I want to be now when I grow up. The next Lorde or something."

Follow those dreams my tiny dancer.