Well Mai, it's here.

You'll be FIVE years old in a few hours. Mommy said before you went to bed: "You're going to bed a 4 year old and waking up a 5 year old. This is your last night of being 4 years old!"

It kind of blew your mind. It blew my mind too. 5. years. old. my little girl.

So what are you like at this age? Well let me think.

You're kind.

We're going out to dinner for your birthday tomorrow night and we were asking were you want to go. 

Maya: "Let's go to Talerico's"

Mommy: "Are you sure? We can do wherever you want. Elliot Bay, Endolyne Joe's, um..."

Daddy: (Interrupts mommy to show her on his phone that the new Din Tai Fung opened downtown, your favorite restaurant that we've been waiting for ever to open downtown because it's so much closer to us)

Mommy: "Oh Maya, the new Din Tai Fung is open! Do you want to go there instead!"

Maya: "No. Let's go to Talerico's"

Mommy: "Are you sure? Din Tai Fung is your favorite!"

Maya: "That's okay. You might not like it and I want everyone to be happy. We ALL like Talerico's!"

You're happy.

We were on vacation last week in Arizona and during a car ride:

Maya: "Teacher Justin was on vacation too. He said that he can't wait for me to come back because I always do a good job."

Daddy: "Oh yeah? That's cool. Doing a good job at what?"

Maya: "Filling people's cup."

Daddy: "Filling people's cup with what?"

Maya: "Happiness of course!"

You're inquisitive.

Questions you have asked me over the past few weeks

Maya: "Daddy, how did life start? Like the actual, real life, life. for humans."

Maya: "Why is infinity the largest number?"

You're an unstable, crazy 4 year old

The other night I got home around 7:00 pm. We're trying to head up to bed around 7:30.

Mommy: (at 7:16) "Alright Maya, you only have about 14 minutes left to play before heading up."

Maya: (busts down in a complete meltdown and runs away screaming) "NOOO!!!! I WANT 16 MINUTES TO PLAY!!!"

Mommy: "15 and let's call it a deal"


Mommy: "Maya, with that attitude you'll get NO minutes!"

Maya: (humanity is lost. there is no reason to live. flee to the bedroom and cry it out)

Mommy: (follows cray cray upstairs)

Daddy: (sits on couch wondering how to navigate these turbulent waters. does nothing)

Daddy: (hears calm talking, minute negotiations, breakdowns, make-ups, calm. negotiations. meltdowns. for 20 minutes or so)

Daddy: (finally heads up because it is way paste bedtime now)

Maya: (acts mad at Daddy the rest of the night, through story time and tuck time but cuddles mommy)

Daddy: (gives up trying to understand things. all the things)

You're ambitious.

You are 900% into crafting. You have part Grandma D's gene in you. You can spend a quick $30 bucks at the Dollar Tree in no time! A few weeks back you told me about a new project you want to do:

Maya: "Daddy. I want to build a robot. Like an actual, real life robot."

Daddy: "Wow. That sounds ambitious. How are we going to make it?"

Maya: "Well, we need wood, wires, buttons, paper..." (It was quite the extensive list)

Daddy: "Well, we'll have to plan for all that." (wonders, how do I pull this off)

Maya: "Do you know what my robot is going to be made out of?"

Daddy: "Umm... wood, wires and all those other things you mentioned?"

Maya: "Nope. Meat. Because I'm going to be inside it so I can control it."

Daddy: (contemplates a robot made of meat and how you came to that conclusion) "So you basically want a humanoid. Part robot, part human. Kinda like robocop."

Maya: (looks at me like I'm a loon) "I suppose so."

You're stylish.

I think I've documented a few stories about your fashion sense already. We've added make-up to the mix already. Yay?

You're ours.

You are a beautiful, vibrate young little girl who we love to the moon and back. You've brought so much joy and happiness to our lives. I love sharing my life with you and watching you grow. I can't believe you're 5. Next is kindergarten and it's all down hill from there. I kid, I kid. You're the best Mai. 

Happy birthday my sweet pea. I can't wait to celebrate turning 5 with you tomorrow!

With all my love,