First Crawl

It was 11/17/2012. Thankfully I wasn't at work this time and Mommy and I got to witness it first hand together. I think Mommy immediately sent Grammy the news via text: "She just started crawling." She also sent these pics and video. At 2 days over 8 months old, you did your first "real" crawl Mai. Check the video. You were pretty proud of yourself.

While we were overjoyed with excitement, we were also a tiny bit sad and a whole lot scared. I know it is cliche to say but it is amazing how quickly you are growing. Moving on from our precious helpless baby and into toddler-hood. We also realized from that moment on, our world was about to permanently change. And it did.

The very next day you used your new found skills to dismantle your room and bookshelf. Mama's not a real big fan of this game. You're even better at it now. I should probably start timing you on how fast you can remove every single book from your bookshelf. There has to be a record for that somewhere. I think you can take it. On the 4th pic in I thought we were in for some trouble. You recovered nicely and nobody was harmed.

Now you are not only crawling like a master but you are quick. You can pull yourself up to stand just about anywhere and just started mastering the whole "cruising" walk while holding on routine yesterday. You were even brave enough to let go and stand hands free a few times.

Sure we've had a few minor accidents but to be honest, less than I expected. I'm not delusional. I'm sure those are just around the horizon. Its time for Mommy and Daddy to start Maya-proofing the house. You are pretty much everywhere these days. You like to venture into the kitchen and check out what's in the panty. I love how you are trying your hardest to pick stuff up that you have dropped while still standing. Again, I'm just amazed those antics haven't led to more disasters.

We're not the only ones having to learn this brave new world of baby on the move. Stellie doesn't know whether to play with you or run from you. One thing you have to realize about Stella; If there isn't anything in it for her, she doesn't really care. Here is some footage of you two getting to know each other. I think she liked you better when you were immobile. She mostly runs from you these days. You love her though and you laugh and squeal every time you see her. And you chase her. There is a lot of chasing the doggie going on right now. (no children or animals were harmed in the making of this video)

Also note the baby tub in the video. That is also one of your favorite games right now. Climb the tub.

So you can see we are all learning together. So far no real walking steps yet. I'm still wagering that will happen as we hit 2013. As they say, baby steps.