Cool Travelin' Baby (Just call her the breeze)

Dear Maya,

We recently had a whirlwind Ohio trip for your Cousin's Wedding (more posts to come) but I have to tell you how impressed I am with your "coolness" while traveling.

Daddy came home a day earlier than you and Mommy.


You should probably know that your mother is a tight wad. She would rather have us fly separate to save us some dough. Your Daddy on the other hand is a spendthrift. He would gladly pay much more money to have all of us fly first class on the shortest trip possible to ensure our maximum comfort. For the most part, your mother is in the right and probably the reason we aren't in the poor house right now. Every now and then she is wrong and the money savings does not outweigh the lack of comfort / ease burden. This is one of those cases.


Grandma dropped you and Mommy off at the airport with plenty of time to board the plane. No sweat. You're cool. You've done this traveling thing before.

You even had enough time to "take a load" off at the airport. Mama was pleased as she thought she would be clear from any unpleasantries while in the air. (thought is the key word here) You board the flight on time and wait to take off. And wait... And wait.

After two hours on the runway your plane turns back to the gate and everyone exits the plane. While chaos ensues and folks try to figure out how they are going to get to their ultimate destination you're just as laid back as can be.

Finally you board again (the same plane) and head out for Chicago some three hours later than you were supposed to leave. As you land at O'hare, you and Mommy take off running to a different concourse and gate and you see the door to the flight to Seattle close as you're rounding the corner:

Mommy to agent: (probably out of breath) "Can we still get on?"

agent: "Sorry, once the door is closed it's against regulation to re-open it."

Mommy: sigh...

Maya: (thinking) "Can I eat some more?" (You seem to likey the food a lot)

With all the food, activity and crazy Ohio weekend your "regular-ness" is off and Mommy is forced to get creative with small airplane / airport bathrooms and only a few changes of clothes for you.

You're still as cool as can be and find a new strap to play with. Really. A strap. That seems to be your favorite toy right now. straps. really. I'm not kidding. Goofball.

So the next flight isn't for another 3 hours and guess what. That is delayed too. 

I think the moral of the story is never fly American Airlines again. At least not their trips through O'hare airport. Actually, just never fly American again.

3 hours is a perfect time for a nap!

You and mommy finally board and take off on the 4 hour flight back to Seattle. During this time Daddy is freaking out. I yelled at American over the phone, through email and on twitter. No one puts baby in a corner.

But finally, some 6 hours later than expected, you land in Seattle and you and Mommy get to see your Mountain!

When I see you guys I can't believe what a good mood you both are in! Tired of course, but I think I was more upset than the both of you put together. On the way home Mommy tells Daddy of your long day and how good you were. How you loved looking out the window and watching the world below. How much fun you had tearing up some American Airline magazines to shreds. (good girl) and how many friends you made along the way. (not to mention how many diaper / clothing changes you had to make) 

I guess that's just you... a good traveling baby!

P.S. - it was hard to write how good you were because tonight you were a screeching beast but I'll save that for a future post. :-)