Beets. No te gusta.

One of the cool things we found at the Seattle Center was this little place in the food court called Bean Sprouts. It's natural, healthy, yummy foods for kids. They even had a baby food menu! As you will know Mai, this is a little too much for your Daddy to pass up.

We checked out the menu and they have a few different baby food dishes everyday, made fresh. You are doing great with "solid" foods but we aren't getting too crazy yet. (Although the other day you had your first pinto beans, refried beans, rice, turkey and chicken... not all the same sitting. It's safe to say that pinto beans is a favorite.)

Anywhoo, the least exotic thing on the menu was beets and mango. I know, I know... all you crazy parents we know we aren't supposed to feed our kid mangos yet. Sue us. We were monitoring her closely for allergy attacks. Nuthin. Besides, little to our expectation, it was mostly BEETS!

This was probably the most pronounced dislike of beets I've ever witnessed in my life. It was a down right honest display of beet disapproval. But you were a trooper, you had more than your fair share of bites.Let's hope you always give new foods their day in court. Even if you make these faces a few times.

It was also flippin hilarious.

This is one unsuspecting baby.

"Food?!?! Why yes I'll have some!" (You likey the food Mai Tai)

"Holy smokes! What IS that?!?!?"

"Is it an aqcuired taste? Let me give a few more tries."

"Um. It's awful."

"Criminelly it's awful!!! It's gagging me and giving me the shakes!!!"

I wonder when you can try your first jalapeño?