And now for my next trick...

Dear Mai,

Today was a good day. You and I had a Maya / Daddy day, mainly to get out of Mama's hair so she could clean. We have friends from out of town coming! As we were eating breakfast you decided you wanted to go to a children's musuem, the new one in Bellevue you say. Why not I figure, who else would go to this thing on a rainy Saturday afternoon in Seattle? Everyone. Every single person with a child 0 - 15, that's who. What a mess.

But that's not it! Today you also received this month's Little Passports package. AND, it was about FOOD! You were very excited. It had sushi and soup dumplings!

And there's more!

We got home and mommy wasn't quite ready for us to be home.

Mommy: "You guys need to go away for like 1 more hour. That will give me time to finish sweeping and finish watching 'Disappeared." (Mama is kind of addicted to the "ID" or Investigative Discovery channel. Don't judge her.)

Maya: "Probably watching WINE disappear!"

Daddy: (destroyed by laughter)

Mommy: "It kind of sucks having an obnoxious little mirror in front of you 24/7"

But still... that's not even the BEST part of today! It was close through. You're pretty damn funny sometimes.

Today, you're little cousin was born! Welcome to this crazy little thing we call life Madelyn McCabe! (Congrats Adam and Ashley)

Yup. Today was a good day. Love you sweet pea and can't wait until you meet our new littlest member of our family!