The Santa Situation

Dear Mai,

Well it has been a great Christmas season so far with you. We've had an interesting time with this whole Santa situation.

About 1 month ago you and I were doing fun Christmas things in downtown Seattle. We hit the carousel and the star wars themed gingerbread houses. 

We were in the Pacific Place mall when we saw Santa. 

Daddy: "Mai! Santa's here! Let's go see him so you can tell him what you want for Christmas!"

Mai: "No way man! I'm not going to do that!"

A few days later your Christmas Elf arrived and started taking notes on if you have been Naughty and Nice. Mommy said that the Elf reports all of this back to Santa. So this was one morning before school.

Mommy: "Maya, we should go see Santa so you can tell him what you want for Christmas."

Maya: "No way man! I'll just tell Elf and he can tell Santa for me."

Can't beat that logic.

December 22, a few days before Christmas and we've had multiple conversations like above and you wake up in the morning before school and start sobbing.

Mommy: "What's the matter sweetie?"

Maya: "I never got to go see Santa to tell him what I want for Christmas!!!" (balling hysterically)

Mommy and Daddy: (Look at each other with shock, exasperation and a little manic anger)

Mommy: "We'll see if he's still around."

Maya: "o... k... a.... y" (in-between big sobs)

Guess what?!?! We found Santa! and conveniently for us, he was visiting our local Grocery store just down the road! (Mommy and Daddy lucked out on that one. We got to avoid all the long last minute lines when he visited the malls again)

It was quite the dramatic turn around Mai, especially from a few of our previous encounters with Santa.

You LOVED Santa this year! You told him everything you wanted, hugged him and even helped play in his little Santa band!

It looks like we're rounding off Christmas this year. It's Christmas eve and now we're going to head to our beloved record store breakfast and get a few last minute gifts. Christmas morning is almost here. I'm a little worried because we just finished watching a Christmas cartoon that had everyone wishing for a white Christmas... and of course they got it. 

Maya: "Wow! Look at all that snow Daddy! We never get snow like that Seeatteale! I want to see snow on Christmas Daddy!"

Daddy: "I'm gonna go do a blog post."

Merry Christmas Sweet Pea!