Set the controls for the heart of the sun. (a baby vacation)

Dear Mai,

About a month or so ago we did our first family vacation that wasn't a trip back to Ohio. Where to? Palm Springs, California. Sun. Desert. Hot. That is what were after. Mission Accomplished.

Of course Mommy and Daddy aren't the best pre-planners so the day before involved last minute trips to Kohl's. We needed some new summer digs!

Despite the last minute errands, there's always time for a little playground action, some good eats and a quick nap.

Just in time to get up and help us pack the night before our flight left! Notice your little necklace. You just started this phase where you like to accessorize. Necklaces are your favorite. Apparently they go with all kinds of outfits.

You did a quick little fashion show to make sure that 2 piece looked good. (BTW, you are to never ever wear a 2 piece outside the safety of  your beloved home. There will be hell to pay missy.)

Then we were off to catch our flight the first thing the next morning. Your mother and I like to grade your behavior these days. For the most part you can pull off a "B" or higher at restaurants and such. The plane right out to LAX you got about a "C." The plan ride home was an "F." F minus maybe. You were bad. Real bad. I can't put into words how bad you were. As soon as we landed you were sweet as pie again. Just decided to be all monster-like on the plane.

But I digress. We landed in LAX, drove to Palm Springs, soaked up some sun and got some eats! You just about ate southern California out of avocados while you were there.

You got to practice your walking skills, take your first swim and just explore the place where we stayed. It's amazing thinking of how much your walking has improved over this short period of time. Here you were pretty unstable and had to hold your hands up for balance. I'm beat tired as I'm writing this post because all you want to do nowadays is go outside and take doggie for a walk. You first words in the morning and last words at night are usually "Wok, Work, Wok, Wok, Walk! Peese!"

You find great enjoyment in climbing things. This trip you were conquistador of chairs. (over, over and over again)

And hotel room and balcony explorer extraordinaire.

When were done with the Palm Springs area we decided to hit the beach and the coast. But before we left we hit this hip little brunch spot called Cheeky's. You gave it a huge thumbs up! You even tried your first piece of bacon!

Then it was off to Huntington Beach! You loved the sand but decided you needed to see how it tasted. As we were wiping sand from your tongue all we could think was "Isn't sand made of rock, shells and glass." Luckily we all survived without incident.

It was a great vacation Mai. Lots of sun, relaxation and exploring. We also got to see some family and visit Joshua Tree National Park... but those are different stories. 

Oh and food. Lots and lots of good food. 

Overall you probably deserved a "B" for the whole trip. It might have been an "A" had it not been for that disastrous plane ride. We should also cut you some slack. That is a lot of activity for a little baby. 

We're headed back to Ohio in a few weeks. Let's shoot for an A+ on that one!

Your forever self imposed teacher,