Christmas at Grandma's (Catching up series)

Dear Maya,

It is sometimes difficult living so far away from our friends and family especially around the holidays. On Christmas we definitely like to get back to visit though. This year we decided to try something a little different. In order to maximize your time with everyone you and Mommy flew out together first. I came out a few days later and you and I flew home together; Mommy left a few days before us. It worked out for the most part. You spent 2 whole weeks in Ohio and were able to spend some quality time with both of our Families. What we didn't count on was that a break from the routine for a 20 month-old was for that long was pretty tough. But, as they say, sometimes you have to learn by jumping in the fire. Get used to it kid. We like to travel.

We were dreading the flight, didn't know how you'd behave with a single parent on the long travel day(s). It is about a good 10 hour day of total travel time from door-to-door, if not more. Of course, you came through with flying colors. You're a pretty seasoned flyer already and are even equipped with your own suite case. (that you carted around by yourself a total of 2% of the time)

You and Mommy upgraded to first class on one of the legs! (Don't get  used to that kid. we don't usually live with that kind of luxe)

And finally you arrived at Grandma's! Yay!

So the whole "Grandmas spoil Grand kids" adage is alive and well here. I'm pretty sure Grandma supplies about 90% of your wardrobe and has since you were in newborn sizes. In fact we are getting ready for another Grandma visit soon for your birthday so we were doing some cleaning today and we donated a lot of clothes to a local charity of stuff you've already outgrown. It was sad parting with some of the stuff. Grandma buys you some cute clothes! 

I present to you the Christmas Elf!

And the Baby Biker!

Maybe a classic movie star look? Or a nod to Jackie O?

And those are only 3 new outfits. Out of maybe a gazillion of them... give or take a few.

The one routine that we were kind of worried about was sleep. Typically, you are very good about taking your naps and going to bed. Yeah, you try to stall sometimes and you know how to totally play me. When Mama puts you to bed its done in less than 5 minutes. When I put you to bed it is more of a 10-20 minute ordeal. You want me to sing "one more" song to you or "one more" book. You have no idea what "one more" is either; or you have a blatant disregard for the meaning. I cave because I'm a pushover and you're so stinkin cute! I know, I'm setting us up for pain in the long run. No wonder when it's time for bed and we ask you: "Do you want Mommy or Daddy to tuck you in?" Maya: "Daddy tuck you."

But for your first few days in Ohio, you didn't have your normal crib that you love and you and I had to say goodnight by phone. Let's just say its safe to assume that we let you break a lot of rules in order for you to get some quality sleep. Mommy said the first night you were cuddling with her on the bed and it was time to go to sleep in your own bed. You said: "More cuddle please." Who can resist that? No one. Not even the Mominator.

You also began you're whole "i'm going to totally mess around at nap time instead of actually sleeping" routine in Ohio.

But if I'm a pushover, your Grandma is just as bad. Most days I heard this. Maya: "Grandma. Phone." 2 seconds later... this:

And every time Grandma got her phone back something was different. Icons were moved, deleted and all kinds of settings changed. Its almost like you did it on purpose challenging her to get it back to normal.  But still, everyday (and multiple times a day) Grandma relinquished her phone to you every time you asked. You also at one point decided to take some Maya selfies on her phone. I believe those 20+ photos of just your eyes and up are still on her phone today.

Grandma had you on a busy, busy schedule while were there. We went here, there and everywhere. She wanted to show you off to everyone! (I'll have a few catch-up posts on some of those visits shortly) But what I remember most is Christmas Eve and Christmas. You and Grandma set out some cookies and milk for Santa on Christmas Eve after the annual Lynch Family Pizza Challenge. It was so crazy cool watching you engage in some Christmas traditions for the first time. I don't know what you were thinking but you sure were excited and happy!

Speaking of Santa, you talk a pretty big game but when the rubber meets the road, Santa is not on your favorites list. You know who Santa is and like the idea of him but this is about the closest you wanted to come to him.

This is what happened when you met the "real" Santa.

By the way, that is my favorite Santa picture ever. It looks like it is right out of a horror movie! Cousin Hannah even has a scary little grin on her face. You're not going to believe this by looking at that picture but you weren't the "most upset" kid to see Santa that night. Another little boy was there that was young and afraid. His Daddy put him on Santa's lap. Kid lost. his. marbles. 

I guess visiting him with Mommy and Daddy is okay.

You also learned about presents this year. You were on and off about them though. Sometimes you went gangbusters on them and sometimes you were kind of "meh" about them. On Christmas morning you were pretty happy opening your gifts though!

You got your first taste of stocking stuffers too and LOVED your cutie!

But the best present was waiting for you back home in Seattle! A TRICYCLE! 

Grandma to the rescue again! That's right she had this shipped out to you and you love it! It is pretty much your main transportation mechanism when we take goose for a walk these days. Mommy likes to call it your "Tryke" which in turn makes you call it your "Tryke-cycle" 

It even has a basket to carry your special things like rocks you find out on our rides and of course your "FANG" patch. Fang was the first thing you put in there.

At the end of the day, just chillaxin in the doggie beds was more than enough fun.

It was a crazy few weeks and a great Christmas Mai and this is only a portion of our adventure. We'll catch up on the rest soon. For now I think the least we can end with is:

"THANK YOU GRANDMA! See you in a few days!"

Mai, where should we take Grandma on this visit? Let's sleep on it. We'll document it soon enough. :-)